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WATCH: First death reported in romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak

Source: ABC News >> The death was reported in California, but state and federal health officials did not immediately provide any other details.

Sleep expert reveals the sleep mistakes we're all making

Source: Daily Mail >> A great night’s slumber can leave you feeling as though you can take on the world. But if you aren’t enjoying a full eight hours of restorative slumber you may want to take a closer look at your sleep routine.

Scientists build 'synthetic embryos'

Source: BBC News >> They were made in a dish from mouse stem cells and resembled an embryo of about three days old.

Trump medical record 'raid' raises patient privacy questions

Source: ABC News >> A doctor’s claim that three men took President Donald Trump’s medical records without a form authorizing their release in what felt like a "raid" has raised questions about the legality of the action