Terms Of Service

This agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into by and between you (“User”, “Website Owner”) and Triatum regarding your use of all aspects of Triatum. You enter this agreement the moment you submit in your ‘data’ to Triatum. By using this Service, you consent to be bound by these terms and conditions as well as the Privacy Policy.

1. Access to Triatum

Triatum was created to help you keep up to date with the latest content from news websites and blogs you enjoy reading. This service shows a short description, title plus a picture and link to an ‘Article’ or ‘Post’ residing on some other webpage to help you keep up to date and never miss an important ‘Article’ or ‘Post’. Triatum only owns and retains all intellectual property rights to the Service; but does not claim ownership rights to the full ‘Article’ or ‘Post’, which are instead held by the sites to which this Service links.

2. Copyright

Website owners who wish to share their web content through Triatum must  have certain rights to the content. That is to say:

  • you own the content.
  • you are working on behalf of the owner.
  • you have a right to share the content.
  • you have permission to share the content.

3. Consent

When you use this service you consent us to share:

  • title of your ‘Article’ or ‘Post’
  • the description of your ‘Article’ or ‘Post’ (45 words)
  • a picture from your ‘Article’ or ‘Post’
  • plus a link to your full ‘Article’ or ‘Post’

to users that might be interested in reading your ‘Article’ or ‘Post’.

4. Content

Triatum does not display, share of distribute content that is seen to be racist, abusive, pornographic or of promoting drugs. Submitting your site to this service, you confirm that it is not:

  • promoting violence.
  • promoting drugs.
  • of pornographic nature.
  • promoting racism.

5. Update of these terms

We are constantly making this service more flexible and relevant, we have a right suspend some parts of these terms and add new parts. Make sure you sure you check this page periodically.