My teenage daughter is embarrassed by the car we’re giving her for her birthday

Source: The Guardian >> It’s not cool enough and it’s the wrong colour. I think she’s being ungrateful but am I out of touch? No, says Annalisa Barbieri, but let her make her own mistakes I bought my 17-year-old daughter driving lessons for her birthday. It was always assumed she would have my partner’s six-year-old […]


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I’m trying to leave my boyfriend but my mother says it’s ‘hysteria’ | Dear Mariella

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‘I couldn’t sit still, I couldn’t be on my own’: how I coped with my crippling anxiety

Source: The Guardian >> Author Kate Riordan had two miscarriages which then brought on severe health anxiety. Here she describes how she got through the storm This time last year I was keeping a diary, the writing small and meticulously neat. In it, I recorded everything that happened each day. Not in the outside world […]

Val McDermid: ‘I probably have too great an appetite for cheese’

Source: The Guardian >> The crime writer, 62, talks about spending too much time gaming, having a sense of her worth and why she fasts for two weeks every year You have to accept ageing gracefully – it’s the one battle you can’t win. I’ve never understood this obsession with cosmetic surgery and hair dying. […]