I’ve moved to a big corporation and the culture shock isn’t going away. Would it be cowardly to leave?

Have you got a work-related problem? In this series we invite you to send in a short description of your predicament – so that other readers can offer solutionsI’m a few months into a new job with a big corporate firm. I came here after four years working for successful high-growth websites and startups. I was enticed by a very impressive pay package, but they also offered an interesting challenge. However, I’m feeling a lot of culture shock that isn’t dissipating. Despite the work being interesting and challenging, there’s a lot about how stuff gets done that is making me unhappy and is getting in the way of me doing the things the business needs to succeed: there’s a lot more bureaucracy than I’m used to working with; people care about hierarchies in a way that I’m not accustomed to; different teams seem very siloed; and it takes months to get access to basic software and tools that are industry standard.There is support from senior management to change to a more “agile” (a wonky term, but it is a working practice) tech/startup/get-stuff-done/entrepreneurial approach, and the desire to change the culture is one of the reasons they hired me. But while I can encourage and champion change, it’s not in my remit to make it happen and I don’t think I’ll win friends if I keep trying to get established practices to change. Continue reading…

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