Cricket must show unity if battle against fixing is to be won | Andy Bull

Al-Jazeera’s second expose prompted a slanging match with authorities but the question should be not whether spot-fixing exists but who is doing it and how oftenSeems like it was Mark Wood’s bad luck to draw a short straw last week. The day after al-Jazeera released the second part of their investigation into spot-fixing in cricket Wood was put up to talk to the press. He said the accusations reminded him of “the boy who cried wolf”. Maybe Wood always used to fall asleep before his parents made it to the end of the book. Right now, five months after the first part of al-Jazeera’s expose, we are still waiting to see whether the danger they are shouting about really exists, but Wood, like everyone else in English cricket, will hope this story does not end with everyone looking the other way while the wolf eats up the sheep. Related: Jonny Bairstow is one bad series away from being under serious scrutiny | The Spin Continue reading…

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