Clean start: make-up remover | Gemma Cairney

Source: The Guardian >> Wipe it all off to see who you really are I paint my lips in many colours, time travel with shades of eyeshadow, and practise all kinds of make- up sorcery… like adding cat-eye flicks or going intergalactic with shine. Through pictures I am an experimental, wannabe glamazon but in my […]


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Up all night in Norway: land of the midnight sun

Source: The Guardian >> The extreme northern coast of Norway is an unspoilt land of wonder, and the perfect place to enjoy the eternal dawn Plus three more adventures in the midnight sun Midnight. Morning. A shard of sun cuts through the cloud. Due north, not east, from my lighthouse. Gulls scream below us as […]

Say ‘No’ and change your life

Source: The Guardian >> We live in a world where ‘yes’ is the default. But we need to tame our inner ‘chimp’ and embrace the power of ‘no’ My old friend Mick calls me with an invitation to his 50th birthday party. It sounds brilliant. Mick has rented a house for a week. Lots of […]

Nigel Slater’s pork knuckle and salsify recipes

Source: The Guardian >> Soul-warming slow cooking for lazy days in the kitchen The butcher is telling me about pork knuckle – in particular about the cut’s value for money, the meat’s habit of falling sweetly from the bone after a long, slow cooking and the way it effortlessly produces a satisfying broth for a […]