Are you self-disciplined or impulsive? Personality quiz

Source: The Guardian >> The trick is to find a good balance between self restraint and spontaneity Here is a list of statements. Choose the response, a) or b), that best applies to you: I more oftena) Stick to a budgetb) Spend more than I earn Continue reading…


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Quick challenge for Mississippi's 15-week abortion ban

Source: ABC News >> A federal judge in Mississippi will hear arguments Tuesday over whether he should block the nation’s most restrictive abortion law less than 24 hours after it took effect.

WATCH: Chewbacca tells boy he's getting new heart

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1 in 3 young adults ride with impaired drivers, according to new study

Source: ABC News >> The researchers want to encourage young adults to transfer what they’ve learned about not drinking and driving to not riding with a driver who’s “altered.”